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Let CRH Electrical Solutions Quote For Your Work

Initial Contact

Description of the installation/change required or problem

Pre-work Survey

An Electrician will complete this pre-work survey during our first visit to your home and this may take up to 2 hours. Once this survey is completed, we will discuss our findings with you. We will explain the results of this survey and what work would be required to complete your requirement. At the end of the survey we should be able to give you an indicative price for the work.


A written quotation will be provided within 48 hours of the pre-work survey unless stated at the time of the survey.


Once you decide to employ us to complete the work, all we will need to do is to agree a time and date to start work.


If your job is notifiable under Part P, your certificate will be provided with your invoice.


Payment will be in full once the job is complete.

Terms & Conditions

Download our full Terms & Conditions.

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